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SoulTalk with Kute Blackson

Aug 13, 2019

"To love is the greatest freedom. When you love, you set yourself free and transcend your circumstance."

Episode Summary: The media today is constantly bombarding us with negative news. It is easy to get discouraged for humanity, to give into judgment and to let your attention be hijacked by all the negativity. Listen to this short, powerful episode to learn 3 simple keys that will allow you to stay centered and loving in the midst of a chaotic world. 

Some Questions I Ask:

  • How do you remain centered and loving amidst all the tragedy we hear about in the news?
  • What is in your control and how can you affect change?
  • Are you focusing on the problem or the solution?
  • What can you do to make a difference?
  • What would be the most loving act now?


In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • How to prevent your emotions from being enslaved by what happens in the world.
  • The first step to begin changing your reality.
  • Where to find a real sense of peace.
  • The key reason you should choose to bring compassion to a challenging situation.
  • The two ways you can make a difference in the world.