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SoulTalk with Kute Blackson

Mar 19, 2019

“Nobody is worth putting on a pedestal or in a pit, but everyone is worth putting in your heart.”

Episode Summary:  A school dropout at age 13, Dr. John Demartini was homeless and living under a bridge in Hawaii at 17. Since then, he has studied over 30,000 academic disciplines and become one of the most renowned...

Mar 12, 2019

"Holding yourself a prisoner to your past only robs you of your present and limits your ability to create your future."

Episode Summary:  Making mistakes is a part of life. Sometimes past mistakes haunt us in the present. However, wallowing in judgment is a waste of time that only robs us of the joy of the moment....

Mar 5, 2019

"Our physical body is the Earth version of us, and if we are not living in it, we are not living fully.

Episode Summary: Quantum science shows there is a connection between our thoughts and beliefs and our reality. In this special episode, Dr. Sue Morter, master of bioenergetic medicine and quantum field visionary,...

Feb 26, 2019

“A breakup isn’t the end, it’s just an opportunity to love that person differently.

Episode Summary: At some point we have all been through a breakup. They can be deeply painful and challenging, particularly when you feel you gave everything. When this happens, it is easy to see yourself as a failure and judge...

Feb 19, 2019

"Having a weight problem is just a symptom of something not working well in your body."

Episode Summary: It is widely known that fitness and nutrition are tightly linked. However, there is a huge amount of contradictory information floating around, making it really difficult to distinguish fact from myth. In this...