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SoulTalk with Kute Blackson

Jul 16, 2019

"When we are born we don’t bring anything that is physical into the world but when we leave the body we also don’t bring anything with us. The only thing that is brought is our consciousness and the way in which it has evolved."

Episode Summary: Most of us were brought up under the theory that consciousness is created by our brains. Under this premise, all consciousness ceases to exist upon death. In this fascinating episode, Mark Gober, author of The End of Upside Down Thinking, tells the story of how he came across hard evidence that challenged this paradigm, how his viewpoint changed radically and the implications that this new mindset has for humanity. 

Some Questions I Ask

  • How did you become interested in consciousness?
  • What was your old world paradigm? How did you shift it to a new paradigm?
  • Did you see any specific abilities in yourself open up as a result of this shift in paradigm?
  • Can anyone be trained to develop the ability for psychic abilities?
  • Were you afraid to let go, what gave you the courage to let go of your paradigm and embrace a new one?
  • What else would you say to a person to facilitate being more open to a paradigm shift?

In This Episode You Will Learn

  • An interesting fact about the relationship between your brain and your consciousness. 
  • How to access the deeper dimensions of our consciousness beyond our brain.
  • The implications of a shift of consciousness paradigm for everyday life.
  • How to distinguish between your intuition and your fear.
  • Three questions you can ask yourself as a way to evolve.
  • Two opportunities this new consciousness paradigm may open for entrepreneurs.