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SoulTalk with Kute Blackson

Jun 17, 2019

"You don’t get to control much of what happens to you in life. But you get to choose how you respond. The most powerful response is always how much you love."

Episode Summary: The only certainty we have from the day we are born is that we are all going to die. Life is frail, we know it, and yet we often choose to ignore it and waste precious time in meaningless quarrels or pursuits that don’t make us happy. In this touching episode, you will learn 6 powerful lessons about life and what really matters most from those who are dying.

Some Questions I Ask

  • Why don’t we live as though we are dying?
  • Why do we wait until someone is dead to throw a big party, get flowers?
  • How have you expressed your love for those you care about?
  • Whose life are you living?
  • How do you need to live so you have no regrets when you die?


In This Episode You Will Learn

  • 6 key lessons to be learned about life from those who are dying.
  • The importance of forgiveness
  • The only thing that matters in the face of death.
  • The key reason not to hold grudges.
  • Two reasons not to chase money in life.