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SoulTalk with Kute Blackson

Mar 16, 2022

“The structure of existence never changes. What changes is your perspective of it, your experience of it, your relationship to it.”


Episode Summary: In this episode of SoulTalk, we journey with the renowned Darryl Anka as he walks us through the life of being a channel for the entity, Bashar. In addition to this beautiful story, Darryl/Bashar teaches us the importance of outgrowing your fear-based beliefs and steps on how to do this. Listen and learn how to take other people’s positive benchmarking in order to improve and create the life you want.


In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • How to avail yourself to be a channel.
  • What is a Gamma state and how to activate it.
  • The 3 key segments of the human mind.
  • The difference between divine excitement and anxiety-disguised excitement.
  • How to break free from imposed societal structures.
  • How to identify a fear-based belief and stop it from perpetuating itself.
  • How to use positive benchmarking to improve one's self.


Some Questions I Ask:

  • How did this channel life happen?
  • How do you know you are channeling versus free flowing?
  • Who is Bashar?
  • How can we open ourselves to alter the brainwaves and receive information from entities?
  • Do you get confused channeling for Bashar and being yourself?
  • What can we do to open up the Gamma state and become receptive?
  • What is happening in the evolution of humanity today?


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