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SoulTalk with Kute Blackson

Nov 7, 2018

Real freedom is to truly be able to choose rather than being controlled by your addictions.”  


Episode Summary: A temptation is whatever highjacks your attention. It can be anything that robs you of your freedom. Whether it’s food, drugs, sex or chocolate, chasing the cheap high is tempting, but once it wears off you are usually left with feelings of shame and emptiness. Listen to this episode to learn how to shift your relationship with your urges, deal with your temptations and earn the right for the next level of your life.

Some Questions I Ask

  • What are your bigger temptations in life?
  • How free do you really want to be?
  • What impact are your temptations having on your life right now?
  • What are you really seeking?
  • What temptations do you need to transcend?


In This Episode You Will Learn

  • Why your temptations are a wonderful gift.
  • How to shift your relationship with your urges.
  • What to do if you end up indulging in your temptation.
  • How to explore what is actually underneath your impulse.