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SoulTalk with Kute Blackson

Jul 20, 2021

"Spirituality is an inner exploration with the goal of creating inner freedom.”

Episode Summary:  I am honored to have this week’s guest on SoulTalk, revolutionary futurist, Peter Russell. This one is deep folks! So get ready to take notes as Peter shares about exploring our consciousness and what he has discovered over the years about consciousness and its value in our world. Listen to this episode to learn how to ignite and reconnect with your own consciousness to deepen your relationship with others and life.


In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • What ‘consciousness’ means and how to have a deeper exploration.
  • Key steps to cultivate your awareness.
  • What enlightenment is and how your consciousness can be ignited.
  • A method of meditation you can use to raise your consciousness.
  • Basic misconceptions about spirituality and enlightenment.
  • What is true prayer and how to cultivate your practice.


Some Questions That I Ask:

  • What is conscious and consciousness?
  • What is the difference between awareness and consciousness?
  • How is ‘awareness’ then aware of itself?
  • Is there a difference in the quality of consciousness between people?
  • What is the difference between spirituality and authentic spirituality?
  • Is there value in prayer?


To learn more about Peter's work: