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SoulTalk with Kute Blackson

Nov 27, 2018

"There is no such thing as a good or bad memory, it’s just a trained and untrained memory."

Episode Summary: Two of the most costly words in any language are “I forgot”. A better memory can mean a better life, but we often think that a good memory is a genetic trait. Listen to this episode as Jim Kwik, learning...

Nov 20, 2018

"When you refuse help, you rob others the blessing of opening their hearts in giving to you."

Episode Summary: In order to receive in life, we must first ask. However, asking for help can be challenging. It takes a strong person to acknowledge that they need help. Listen to this episode to learn about the art of asking...

Nov 14, 2018

“Vulnerability is not a sign of weakness it is a way of bringing people together."

It takes a lot of courage to let go of what is working and simply surrender to a higher calling. In this episode, Yanik Silver reflects on the steps he took to follow his heart and create Maverick 1000, a private, invitation-only global...

Nov 7, 2018

Real freedom is to truly be able to choose rather than being controlled by your addictions.”  


Episode Summary: A temptation is whatever highjacks your attention. It can be anything that robs you of your freedom. Whether it’s food, drugs, sex or chocolate, chasing the cheap high is tempting, but once it wears...