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SoulTalk with Kute Blackson

Jan 19, 2022

When we are at the deepest trouble is when our gifts rise to the surface.”


Episode Summary:  Michael Meade, author of “The Genius Myth”, talks about the innate gifts every person brings to the world and how to uncover them. He also shares the distinction between fate and destiny, as well as the importance of...

Jan 12, 2022

"What makes a new year new is your intention and your commitment at any moment."


Episode Summary:  This is my first episode of 2022, happy new year! Today I'm talking about setting goals and working towards achieving them. Listen and learn key ways to set healthy resolutions and goals, be bold with your truths, and...

Jan 4, 2022

"True strength is having the courage to face and deal with the truth. Being strong means being real, not pretending that the real isn't happening...that’s arrogance.”


Episode Summary: Dr. Barbara de Angelis joins us again on SoulTalk for our first episode in 2022 to help us redefine success, connect with our soul...

Dec 28, 2021

When we really understand the purpose of life, then we understand that every moment gives us the opportunity to learn, grow, and evolve.”


Episode Summary: This week is all about finding your purpose. Every moment is your purpose. When you realize that, you stop seeking, chasing, waiting, and you begin to look...

Dec 22, 2021

When we start to listen to nature, we start to actually get more in tune with nature.”


Episode Summary: Mikki Willis, director of PLANDEMIC, the most seen and censored documentary series of all time, is an independent investigative filmmaker who experienced an awakening that reshaped his life and profession....