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SoulTalk with Kute Blackson

Dec 23, 2020

Don't ask what the world needs, ask what makes you come alive, because what the world needs are people who have come alive.”

Episode Summary:  As this unique and challenging year is coming to an end, I am honored to share this powerful conversation with friend and world-renowned transformational speaker and coach, Jack Canfield. End this year with incredible insight on how to leave bad thoughts behind and gain a new perspective for 2021. Learn how to develop the willpower to immerse yourself in new things, clarify your vision and prepare yourself for what is to come. As Jack says, ‘If you can dream it, you can do it.’ Let’s go!


In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • How to understand your desires and be focused on what you really want in your life.
  • How to stay mentally prepared for the uncertainty of life and trust in the present moment.
  • Important keys to leading your life and going after what you really want.
  • 5 practical exercises that will help you find what you want in life and pursue your soul's purpose.
  • How to find your WHY in all different aspects of your life and build your inner strength to success.
  • New technologies that will help you be more connected than ever!


Some Questions That I Ask:

  • How do you see 2020 from a spiritual and evolutionary perspective?
  • What guidance can you offer to those who feel they have lost everything this year?
  • How can you know what dream or vision is authentic and aligned for yourself?
  • How does one know when it is time to either abandon a vision or persevere?
  • What can someone do within themselves to cultivate perseverance and stay motivated in the midst of seeking their vision?
  • What are some keys that we can implement to set clear and effective goals to manifest in 2021?
  • Where do you see the personal development industry going in the future?


FREE WEBINAR! - a perfect offer for the end of the year/beginning of a new year:

Jack’s 90 minute, free webinar is available for your listeners to participate in (and there are multiple days and times to choose from).

The Visioning webinar will teach people how to:

-Create a crystal clear vision for what they want the next 12 months of their life to look like

-Identify the “gaps” between their current life and their desired reality, so they can understand what they need to do to take their life from where it is now to where it is they want it to be

-Choose key goals for the year ahead and get clear on the steps to take to achieve those goals

-Discover an inspiring blueprint for the next 12 months that will make it easier for them to experience more joy and fulfillment in everything they do while making huge progress toward creating their ideal life!

-It’s a powerful webinar – and Jack’s goal is to truly help people take back their power in the new year, and help people achieve more prosperity and experience more joy – because it’s totally possible!

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