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SoulTalk with Kute Blackson

Dec 5, 2023

“When you’re doing something, you really love to do, your energy’s engaged.”

In this week’s episode of the SoulTalk podcast, I have a returning guest, Dr. John Martini to share his unconventional lifestyle of living on a ship to traveling the world to conduct seminars and talks about life and the in-betweens.

Dr. John Martini is one of the leading authorities in human behavior and personal development. He authored 40 books and hosted 72 courses on how to achieve fulfillment and true success in relationships, education, wealth-building, and business.

Today, let’s discover how Dr. John maintains his energy at the age of 68 including his sleep patterns and health practices, and his unique approach to managing his professional lifestyle as to doing what he loves. His passion for teaching, researching, writing, and traveling led him to live an authentic life, be resilient, and have that transformative power of perception in facing life’s challenges.

To know more about Dr. John’s secrets to living an empowered and extraordinary life, and his insights on overcoming emotional pain, grief, and the art of reframing life’s challenges, tune in to this episode!


  • 0:53 - Guest intro.
  • 1:55 - Dr. John’s healthy routine
  • 6:08 - How to be a successful entrepreneur?
  • 10:20 - How to manage relationships?
  • 14:35 - What is the best advice for new dads?
  • 18:29 - How to overcome abuse?
  • 30:49 - The importance of acknowledging emotional pain.
  • 36:18 - The truth behind grieving when someone passes away.
  • 47:01 - Is karma a real thing?
  • 54:29 - How to stop the blame culture?

Some questions I ask:

  • How does Dr. John manage to generate and sustain his level of energy in the pursuit and sharing of his purpose with the world?
  • What are the secrets to optimizing health as to sleep, diet, exercise, and supplements?
  • What are the keys to developing and cultivating discernment in finding the right people for your team?
  • How does Dr. John manage his relationships ~ being an entrepreneur, father, and speaker?
  • How can we transform grief on the spot and live?
  • How do we use whatever is happening in our lives to fulfill our mission and do something extraordinary?

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • Dr. John’s lifelong mission and unconventional lifestyle full of energy while traveling the world.
  • How to find the right people for your team.
  • The truth behind grieving, blame, and karma.
  • Practical tips for keeping your life healthy, parenting, and empowering yourself.
  • The importance of acknowledging your perceptions and emotional pain.

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