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SoulTalk with Kute Blackson

May 27, 2020

“This is a time for self-development, not dependent on changing our partner.”

Episode Summary: Dr. John Gray has written over 20 books exploring men, women and relationships. His Mars/Venus book series has forever changed the way men and women view their relationships. In this powerful, information-packed, episode, John dives into the intricacies and difficulties in relationships during this COVID time and beyond. He generously shares his experience and expertise on how men and women connect, relate to one another, overcome their differences, understand one another on a deeper level, and ultimately have the potential to evolving their relationship and their life to the next level, even during this unique and challenging time in the world.

Some Questions that I Ask:

  • How is the current situation of COVID-19 affecting marriages and couples worldwide?
  • What is it that women need most in relationships? What is it that men need most in relationships?
  • How can women access their own estrogen? What are some ways that women can increase their estrogen levels? What are some ways that men can increase their testosterone levels?
  • How can women allow themselves to ask for help from men without becoming disempowered?
  • What is the best way to solve a problem with your partner during an argument?

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • The 4 mistakes people make in their relationships during this COVID-19 challenging time.
  • The 3 most important things men need to know about women.
  • What the 80/20 rule is and how this will help resolve conflict in your relationships and beyond.
  • Key insights that will help you resolve your relationship challenges that could be leading to divorce.
  • The 3 reasons men don't listen to women the way women want them to and how to shift that completely.
  • The key things women need from men to be happy.
  • 3 keys to upgrade your hormones and balance your body.
  • One of the most important keys that will shift all of your relationships - and it’s not what you think!