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SoulTalk with Kute Blackson

Oct 9, 2018

“Life is a process of evolution. You are either evolving or you are dying.”

Episode Summary:

It is easy to get discouraged and avoid taking action when you are not exactly sure what your purpose in life is. In this powerful episode, you will learn the steps you can begin to take as your purpose is revealed to you, and some of the questions you can ask yourself to discover the direction in which your purpose lies.

Some Questions I Ask:

  • How do I find my purpose?
  • What makes me alive?
  • What would you do for free?
  • What are the skills you have?
  • What group of people do you feel an affinity with?

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • The importance of your “soul line” vs your “goal line”.
  • How to start living your purpose, even when you don’t yet know it.
  • The importance of evolving in life.
  • Why your purpose will change through life.
  • 4 keys to find your life purpose.