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SoulTalk with Kute Blackson

Aug 24, 2021

"The degree to which we don't allow ourselves to feel grief is also the degree to which we limit our heart's capacity to feel joy, bliss and happiness.


Episode Summary: All feelings remain present until fully felt. As human beings, if you are truly living fully and authentically with an open heart, grief is unavoidable. Listen to this episode and learn the importance and the art of grieving where you acknowledge your pain and your grief to help you come through the other side in a more expanded space, with more joy, bliss and fulfillment.


In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • How to face loss in your life and the importance of feeling your grief.
  • The relationship between grief and intimacy.
  • The implications of doing a spiritual bypass rather than grieving.
  • How to manage the waves and layers of grief and loss.
  • The parts of grief that you need to go through in order to heal.


Some Questions That I Ask:

  • What is grief? Is it unavoidable?
  • What is the grieving process?
  • Why should we open ourselves to feel grief/loss?
  • How does one unblock themselves to acknowledge grief?
  • What are the benefits of grieving and dealing with a loss?