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SoulTalk with Kute Blackson

Apr 4, 2023

Episode Summary:

As human beings, we all have had the experience of self-sabotaging to some degree.”

In today’s episode of SoulTalk Podcast, let me share some insights about self-sabotage, why people hold themselves back, and how self-sabotage can manifest in different areas of life.

Do you know that our brains signal danger when we move into the unknown, and we may engage in behaviors that bring us back to our familiar sense of safety, even if isn’t great?

Self-sabotage can indeed be a problem when it becomes a consistent pattern, but there is an underlying positive intention behind this behavior that can help transform relationships with it. One’s psyche creates self-sabotage to keep safe from the potential danger of harm, and it can lead to blocking success and preventing from achieving goals.

To understand self-sabotage as a common behavior that undermines or obstructs one’s well-being, often leading to failure, disappointment, or a sense of stagnation. It manifests in many ways including procrastination, negative self-talk, self-destructive behavior, and resistance to change. The effects of self-sabotaging are significant and can hinder one’s personal and professional growth, relationships, and overall quality of life.

So head over to this week’s episode to learn some practical ideas to stop self-sabotaging, empowering thoughts, and life wisdom to free yourself from your past, reclaim your power, and live your true life’s purpose.



  • 0:00 - Intro
  • 0:53 - What is self-sabotage?
  • 2:46 - Self-sabotage is a pattern of thoughts and behaviors.
  • 5:13 - Self-sabotage is a protective mechanism.
  • 7:01 - Tip #1: Stop viewing self-sabotage as something bad and yourself as something bad and not enough.
  • 9:38 - Tip #2: Start observing ~ your reactions, what triggers your fear, and situations that make you feel unsafe.
  • 12:45 - Tip #3: Acknowledge your fear of abandonment to address and overcome it effectively.
  • 14:35 - Tip #4: Bring loving and compassion to a part of you that’s hurting.
  • 15:58 - The importance of self-talk and self-love.
  • 16:22 - How to take action.

In this episode, you will learn about:

  •        Understanding the concept of self-sabotage.
  •        Some examples of self-sabotaging behaviors.
  •        Reasons why humans tend to do self-sabotage.
  •        The importance of practicing awareness.
  •        The effects of self-sabotage in one’s life.
  •        Ways to stop self-sabotaging yourself.

Some questions I ask:

  • What is self-sabotage?
  • Why do humans self-sabotage?
  • How can understanding self-sabotage transform one’s relationship with it?
  • What is the positive intention behind self-sabotaging behavior?
  • Why do we often engage in self-sabotaging behavior?
  • How self-sabotage can affect your life?

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