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SoulTalk with Kute Blackson

Mar 7, 2023

Episode Summary:

You are not alone!

In today’s special episode of SoulTalk Podcast, let me discuss a topic that’s very relevant to our society today, Imposter Syndrome.

Imposter syndrome is defined as a psychological pattern of one’s doubts about their life, accomplishments, and goals. It would let you feel like a fraud despite the evidence of your competence and success. It often attributes to external factors such as social media validation, community judgments, and the like.

Bottomline is, Imposter Syndrome can be a monster living within you for a time being. A monster that can affect one’s life. A monster that can either make or break one’s career or relationship. A monster that can lead to self-destruction, anxiety, self-doubt, low self-esteem, pushback, and fear.

So if you’re struggling with Imposter Syndrome, there is hope. There’s a chance to stop it. And there are several ways that can help you cope. You are not the only one who’s experiencing this. It has been a similar feeling that most successful individuals have gone through.

Head over to this week’s episode to learn more about Imposter Syndrome and how to take action today!



  • 0:00 - Intro
  • 2:12 - Understanding the idea of imposter syndrome.
  • 5:13 - We are spiritually trained as imposters!
  • 7:57 - Imposter syndrome is a spiritual understanding of who and what you are.
  • 11:22 - Imposter syndrome never ends because you can't end it by external validation.
  • 14:25 - Imposter syndrome is a false set of identification.
  • 16:06 - Imposter syndrome can manifest its natural genius.
  • 21:18 - 4 keys to overcoming imposter syndrome
  • 21:33 - Key 1: Acknowledge the feelings we feel.
  • 23:22 - Key 2: Bring love to those parts where you’re hurting.
  • 24:31 - Key 3: Focus on what is beautiful about you and give up comparing yourself.
  • 26:26 - Key 4: Develop a self-inner integrity.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  •  What is imposter syndrome?
  •   Signs you are experiencing imposter syndrome.
  •   The power and dangers of connecting with ourselves.
  •   The importance of focus.
  •   Who you are VS Who you want to be.
  •   4 ways to handle imposter syndrome

Some Questions I Ask:

  • What is imposter syndrome?
  •   What is the goal of your feeling?
  •   Is asking for help a failure?
  • Can imposter syndrome be cured?
  • How to deal with the feeling of not being good enough?
  • How to overcome imposter syndrome?

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