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SoulTalk with Kute Blackson

Jun 28, 2024

I can’t MAKE you happy

I can’t MAKE you wealthy. 

I can’t MAKE you healthy. 

Only you can truly do this. 

What I can do is show you the way and guide you on a path that will profoundly alter your destiny. 

As a child I’ve witnessed many miracles.  My father was known as the “Miracle man of Africa”.  I saw my...

Jun 25, 2024

“The purpose of money is to also be of service.  The only thing that you really take with you are the lives that you changed, the difference that you made" 

In this enlightening episode of SoulTalk, I explore the true essence and role of money in our lives. Most people do not understand the concept of money, as we...

Jun 18, 2024

“If you are not yet fully purified and you have not reached full enlightenment, where you know you are one with the universe and everything is that oneness, that means there is something still in you that requires a change” 

In this enlightening episode of SoulTalk, we delve into the realms of consciousness, karma,...

Jun 11, 2024

"Life is a university for your soul's growth and evolution. Everything is your teacher. Everyone is your teacher. School is always in session."

On this episode of SoulTalk, I delve into the challenging yet transformative topic of betrayal. As human beings we have all felt the pain of being betrayed. It can break...

Jun 7, 2024

“ By accepting our own humanness, then we're able to be more present to each other. I think that's a big part of recovering the place of high safety.”

Today, we are honored to have New York Times bestselling author Mark Nepo, a poet and philosopher who has been teaching for over 40 years. He has published 25 books,...