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SoulTalk with Kute Blackson

Feb 26, 2019

“A breakup isn’t the end, it’s just an opportunity to love that person differently.

Episode Summary: At some point we have all been through a breakup. They can be deeply painful and challenging, particularly when you feel you gave everything. When this happens, it is easy to see yourself as a failure and judge yourself harshly because things did not work out. Listen to this episode and learn 5 simple keys to bounce back from the end of a relationship.

Some Questions I Ask

  • How do you deal with a failed relationship?
  • Do you deep desire to find your special someone?
  • What if your breakup was actually the graduation of your soul to the next level?
  • What if the universe was getting ready to bring you someone even more amazing?

In This Episode You Will Learn

  • The quickest way to let go of a relationship.
  • Why you shouldn’t rush into another relationship after a breakup.
  • How to find your special someone.
  • The importance of acknowledging your pain.
  • The role of friends in bouncing back from a breakup.
  • How a breakup doesn’t mean the end of love.