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SoulTalk with Kute Blackson

Aug 31, 2019

"The river of light is the light of life force and love that flows through every living being. When we drink from the river, we experience oneness."

Episode Summary: In this inspiring episode, poet, philosopher and author of “Drinking from the River of Light” and “More Together than Alone”, Mark Nepo shares how surviving the painful process of an aggressive cancer changed him fundamentally. He speaks of how he found the courage to face death and translate that courage into a daily, creative practice in life.

Some Questions I Ask:

  • What is the path to being a philosopher?
  • Were there any specific practices that kept you going through your cancer treatment?
  • Did there come a point when you were able to make peace with facing death?
  • How do we prevent getting stuck in a rut of familiarity and sameness?
  • As you write, how do you deal with validation and approval? How do you deal with vulnerability?  


In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • The real importance of planning and strategizing in life.
  • How to develop courage and break free from unhealthy habits. 
  • The difference between discernment and judgment and why this is so important.
  • What is "centrism", how it is affecting our ability to learn and how we can prevent it.
  • The importance of having “right-sized” fears.


Guest links:

CLICK HERE to order Mark's new book, "Drinking From The River of Light"