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SoulTalk with Kute Blackson

Jan 4, 2022

"True strength is having the courage to face and deal with the truth. Being strong means being real, not pretending that the real isn't happening...that’s arrogance.”


Episode Summary: Dr. Barbara de Angelis joins us again on SoulTalk for our first episode in 2022 to help us redefine success, connect with our soul curriculum and work with the ever-changing state of the world today. How can you move through feeling stuck and come out the other side in a deeper, more meaningful, soulful way? Listen to this episode and learn how to develop a daily spiritual practice that will help catapult you into your next level in 2022. Let’s do this together!


In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • The one question to ask yourself when you feel stuck and how to move through it.
  • How to use suffering as a catalyst to serve others.
  • The one thing you can do before meeting your soulmate.
  • How to know when the Universe is redirecting you when in pursuit of your dream.
  • How to determine your soul accomplishments and goals in this lifetime.
  • What the road to misery is and how to turn it around.
  • The caveat to success and how to access this within yourself.
  • The difference between being an influencer and truly serving.
  • How to develop your spiritual practice and live it daily.


Some Questions I Ask:

  • Where can we begin to move beyond the feeling of being stuck? What is the process?
  • How do we know what our soul curriculum is?
  • How do we know what goals to set, especially given the ever-changing dynamic of the economy?
  • What are soul goals?
  • How do we open to the deeper dimension of our soul and consciousness?
  • How have you not gotten stuck in a certain identity of success with the subjects of your books and teachings?
  • Is there anywhere that you are guided to go that's scary for you right now?


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