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SoulTalk with Kute Blackson

Aug 22, 2023

People ask me, “How did you get started in this field of personal development, self-help, and spirituality? Was there a particular moment or event that led you in this direction?”

 In this episode of the Soultalk Podcast, let me answer these questions by sharing my childhood journey and the valuable lesson I learned growing up to where I am today.

From growing up in Ghana and London to becoming a transformational teacher in LA, I experienced unique events and miracles. It was no secret that my father had been one of my great influences but let me tell you that my mother also influenced me. It was truly a journey of self-discovery of finding my true life’s purpose.

 So if you’re seeking inspiration and direction in life, join me as I delve deep into my mind and heart to tell you the story of my childhood and share the 5 lessons I learned finding my true life’s calling and living the passion I’m destined to.


  • 0:00 - Intro.
  • 1:06 - Boundless Bliss: The Bali Breakthrough Experience.
  • 3:14 - How I grew up seeing miracles?
  • 8:13 - How London was never a home for me?
  • 9:12 - What was the drive that push me to find my identity?
  • 13:09 - Lesson 1: I learned that spirituality is my calling.
  • 19:32 - Lesson 2: I learned the power of visualization.
  • 23:12 - Lesson 3: I learned the power of faith and trust.
  • 23:35 - Lesson 4: I learned to not allow ego to get in the way of what’s important.
  • 26:42 - Lesson 5: I learned that the service to man is service to God.
  • 30:56 - Tips on how to find your true calling.

Some questions I ask:

  • How did Kute start in the field of personal development, self-help, and spirituality?
  • What was Kute’s parents’ influence on his life journey?
  • How did Kute’s parents contribute to his understanding of the power of service?
  • What was that defining moment that sparked Kute’s desire to become a motivational speaker and impact millions of lives?
  • How does Kute differentiate a career and a calling in life?
  • How did Kute discover his true calling and purpose in life?

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • Kute’s unique childhood experiences of seeing possibilities and miracles.
  • The 5 lessons Kute learned from growing up.
  • How Kute’s love for reading self-help books started.
  • he importance of having a purpose.
  • Practical tips for finding one’s true life’s purpose.
  • How Kute’s childhood experiences had shaped his passion for personal development and spirituality.

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