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SoulTalk with Kute Blackson

Jan 25, 2023

My father always reminds me that we are one with God. That there is no separation. That God is a manifestation of all existence, that all existence is a manifestation of God.

Episode Summary:

In today’s episode of SoulTalk Podcast, I share the lessons I learned from my father’s life as he passed away on November 13, 2022.

For me, he was a great man. A man of faith and many miracles. I’m grateful for all the lessons that I learned through him ~ for teaching me to forgive, for teaching me self-esteem, for teaching me self-responsibility, for teaching me self-loving, for teaching me compassion and for teaching me about surrender.

So, let me open up a part of my personal life with my father, our journey to forgiveness and divine intervention, and more to this week’s episode!


  • 0:53 - Intro
  • 3:31 - Who was my father in my life.
  • 10:05 - The many stories of fatherhood.
  • 11:32 - Lesson #1: Love is all that matters.
  • 13:12 - Lesson #2: Stop expecting too much.
  • 14:48 - Lesson #3: Trust the process.
  • 15:24 - Lesson #4: Learn to forgive.
  • 16:22 - Lesson #5: Live the life you love.
  • 18:18 - Lesson #6: Honor your father and mother.
  • 22:22 - Lesson #7: You will love and be loved for the rest of your life.
  • 23:28 - Lesson #8: Put God first.
  • 24:43 - Lesson #9: The power of prayers.
  • 25:30 - Lesson #10: Have faith.
  • 27:14 - Lesson #11: All things work together for good.
  • 28:41 - Lesson #12: Wherever you go, the infinite power of the divine goes with you.
  • 29:01 - My father is my miracle man
  • 29:51 - The secret of miracles
  • 31:25 - How powerful your thoughts can be
  • 33:06 - Self-reflection


In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • The secret for manifesting Miracles.
  • How to have faith no matter what is going on in life.
  • The key to prayer.
  • The power of love to heal.
  • How to forgive and let go. 


Some Questions I Ask:

  • Who was my father in my life?
  • How was my relationship with my father?
  • How I felt when I receive the expected call?
  • How I forgave my father?
  • How I see my father as a miracle man?
  • How to reflect on the people in our lives?

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