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SoulTalk with Kute Blackson

Aug 30, 2022

“The fact that you are here is nothing short of a miracle.”

Episode Summary: On this episode of SoulTalk, we are joined by the inspiring, John O’Leary. John shares with us his story, the accident that left him with a 1% chance of survival, that has lead him on a journey of courage, strength, and positivity.

Drawing from his personal experience, John offers us inspiring insights on the importance of not attaching ourselves to bad incidences in our lives and release any identification to victimhood. John advocates the importance of constantly practicing the act of courage and gratitude to urge us to take conscious steps to enhance a positive spiritual and physical well-being.

(03:25) - John’s background in the self-help industry.
(08:15) - The accident that totally changed John’s life.
(16:11) - The miraculous recovery process.
(19:00) - How not to feel like a victim in bad situations.
(23:50) - Wisdom for every struggling individual.
(37:49) - How to stay courageous and positive.
(53:01) - John’s most cherished life lesson.


In This Episode You Will Learn: 

  • How to move past certain limitations in life.
  • How to own your strength and release victimhood mentality.
  • How navigate anger and resentment.
  • How to live authentically and its benefits.
  • The importance of cultivating the act of gratitude.
  • The power of connection and knowing you are not alone.

Some Questions I Ask:

  • How did your journey begin?
  • Tell me about your recovery process?
  • How long did it take to heal?
  • What advice could you give to that person who just feel like giving up?
  • How do we develop courage?

“I know God sees the value in your life. You're not here by chance. You're not. And when we recognize that we also recognize, well, if we're not here by chance, then it probably means we're here for a purpose. And so how cool to think we can use a difficult season to discern what that purpose is.”

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