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SoulTalk with Kute Blackson

Jul 6, 2022

“Life never stops teaching us. We stop listening.”

In today’s episode of SoulTalk Podcast, we dive into a glistering and insightful talk about entrepreneurship and success. I am joined by Navian Jain, one of the world’s biggest entrepreneurs, leading innovators, and philanthropists.

Naveen  is the founder and CEO at Viome. Viome Life Sciences was founded in 2016 with the sole aim of predicting, reversing, and preventing chronic illness in order to make illness optional. He persistently advocates for living humbly and attributing success to the amount of impact we have on others. Naveen reveals how to achieve greater things by focusing mainly on the world’s problems and asking relevant questions. 

Find out how billionaire Naveen Jain learns to overcome self-doubt and fear in order to take a bold step to success.



(2:16) - How to cultivate the entrepreneurial drive

(6:37) - A practical guide on how to become an entrepreneur

(10:10) - 3-key questions to ask yourself to jumpstart your entrepreneurial journey

(25:51) - How to sell your entrepreneurial ideas to attract good prospects

(29:08) - How to deal with self-doubt and fear

(35:03) - The true definition of success

(39:55) -The biggest problem in the world now and how to solve it

(45:08) - Naveen’s 3 best life lessons


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