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SoulTalk with Kute Blackson

Sep 10, 2018

“With your choices, you can create universes and impact the world. Choose wisely.”

Episode Summary: Life is filled with decisions. One choice can shift your destiny completely and many times we feel overwhelmed, afraid of the consequences. As a result, we often end up paralyzed, not knowing what to do. Listen to this episode to learn 3 simple keys that will help you make even the most difficult decisions.


Some Questions I Ask:

  • Have you ever had to make an important decision in your life?
  • Have you felt insecure or paralyzed about making a decision?
  • How will those around you be impacted by your decision?
  • Will you have any regrets by making this decision?
  • What choices are you making?


 In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • 3 keys to making important decisions.
  • Why you should not make decisions out of fear.
  • The importance of being true to yourself.
  • Why you should listen to your intuition when faced with a difficult decision.